Part 2, Reflection

Reflection Reflection on the outcome of the assignment and the planning and research as they contributed to the outcome. Contextualisation I have aimed to contextualise my assignment work effectively having begun the planning of the assignment through the coursework tasks as well as having read, albeit initially only briefly, Baer’s reviews of trauma photography. I … More Part 2, Reflection

Assignment 2 – Photographing the Unseen

Assignment 2 had two options: Photographing the unseen or using props. I chose not to take the option of a named prop and photograph it throughout a created narrative but to consider the photographing of the unseen or ‘un-photographable’. Notes were made, (Photographing the Unseen), as to the type of subject matter that might be considered … More Assignment 2 – Photographing the Unseen

Research – Assignment 2 – Photographing the Unseen, The Photography of Trauma

Research When Ulrich Baer considers giving memory a place he considers The Experience of Place, Picturing Nothing, the Photograph’s Reference, the Limits of Allegory, Landscape and Trauma, the Limits of Documentary Photographs and the Viewer as Witness, (P.61, Spectral Evidence: The Photography of Trauma). Using Mikael Levin’s project War Story, Baer is able to look … More Research – Assignment 2 – Photographing the Unseen, The Photography of Trauma

Part 2, Assignment – Photographing the Unseen – Notes

Notes Assignment Two Photographing the Unseen   The kinds of subjects that might be seen as un-photographable include that that is visceral or metaphorical. The Past The Future Dreams Hopes The Feeling of Being an Outsider The Feeling of Bonds Formed within a Group and of Identification to That Group Health Conditions/Disability outside of the … More Part 2, Assignment – Photographing the Unseen – Notes