Part 1 – Reflection

Reflection – Part 1 as a whole – documentary photography

Before considering the study materials that comprise Part 1 of Context and Narrative and completing the research, exercises and assignment I felt I had some awareness of documentary photography.

I was aware, albeit it very loosely of the forms of documentary:

  • Large scale contemplative
  • Reportage
  • Street
  • Art documentary

Though I hadn’t considered the forms carefully, nor the evolution of these forms.

I was aware of Godwin, Fenton, Cartier Bresson and Goldin. I hadn’t considered that it was exhibitions that had brought photography and its relationship with the truth to a state where photography could be more readily regarded as having the capacity to be called art.

Perhaps this is because I haven’t considered the camera as a ‘mere’ recording device since some time previous to ordering my first dslr and whilst this isn’t that long ago I feel that the recording device notion feels long suppressed as a possibility.

Reflection – Assignment 1

Whilst assignment 1 is a formative assignment it has been produced with consideration of the Assessment Criteria for HE4 Visual Arts at OCA.

The assignment was developed from a research perspective that considered a wide range of contexts and debates that are part of documentary photography. An understanding has been demonstrated and the development of creativity has been attained through analytical skills that show independent judgements and wider reading. These skills and research have allowed for considered work to be presented in a way that communicates the intention within an effective design and composition. It is expected that the work will allow for a formative assessment of capability in academic and creative capacities underpinned by a technical ability.