Project 3, Reportage – Exercise – Street Photography, Colour versus Monochrome


Surrey Street in Sheffield City Centre was chosen as the location.. The street has some intersections with other streets for added interest, some areas of partial pedestrianisation and the architecture of the Sheffield Winter Gardens.

The exercise required 30 colour images and 30 monochrome images. Contemporary street photography had been researched.

The colour images were those chosen to shoot first. This was primarily due to a tendency to shooting for the prospect of final usage being colour and partially because upon arrival for the first short incidence of shooting in Sheffield it was found that there was a small fair to one end of Surrey Street.

The intention when shooting the colour images was to look for patterns of colour within the compositions.

The 30 Colour Street Photographs Taken on Surrey Street

The black and white images removed the necessity to look for colour patterns within the compositions. The task was more rewarding than expected and a significant amount of the time allotted for shooting was spent seated shooting a visually interesting intersection of Surrey Street.

The 30 Monochrome Street Photographs Taken on Surrey Street


When the images were converted for the black and white section of the exercise it was seen that there would be benefit to them being dodged and burned and to make the two sets feel like they might sit together as a comparative there was a necessity for dodging and burning the colour images fairly strongly and they were finished them with the intention of having ‘enhanced’ their colour similarly to the enhancement I’d made to the black and white images whilst avoiding just moving towards highly vibrant images. The intention was to provide a cohesive urban city / feel with the two sets.

Colour makes a difference when shooting street photography. It makes the images more difficult to successfully compose and create. There isn’t a preferred set as much as preferred images and they span both the colour and the monochrome sets.

Preferred Images

StreetMono (20)StreetMono (25)StreetMono (14)StreetColour (16)StreetColour (9)